Fun facts about Southampton

Southampton is part of the county of Hampshire, located in Southeast England. It is a famous port and is also close to the New Forest (a beautiful National Park), as well as the River Test, the River Itchen, and the River Hamble. So, the surrounding scenery is a great place for you to explore.

More fun facts:

  • On 10th April 1912, the Titanic departed from Southampton
  • English novelist Jane Austen lived there for two years and wrote Sense and Sensibility during that time
  • UK musician Craig David was born there, as well as politician Rishi Sunak
  • Around 450 cruise ships dock in Southampton port each year, carrying roughly 1.5 million passengers

The English spoken in Southampton isn’t very different from the rest of the Southeast, however there are a few words and phrases you may want to look out for:

  1. A Sotonian: a person from Southampton.

    “Are you from London? Or are you a Sotonian?”

  2. Getting aerated: getting annoyed

    “Our professor is getting aerated because people keep turning up late for lectures.”

  3. Somewhen: sometime

    “We should go and check out the beach somewhen.”

  4. Moysen a bit: drizzly rain

    “Let me get my umbrella, it moysen a bit.”

  5. Blether: talk a lot of nonsense

    “She was blethering on for 10 minutes!”

The best way to get to grips with the local language is to have conversations with the people who live in the city. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite local coffee shop, and make friends with the waitress? Either way, these phrases are not essential, but you may be able to impress a local or two by using them in conversation!