Matthew Brittain
Senior EAP Lecturer


I am a fellow of the Higher Education Association.


I am a Senior EAP Lecturer at the QA campus at Solent, where I have been working since 2020. I am responsible for leading the Research Project, Academic English and Academic Language in Context modules and have also led the pre-sessional course we run for Solent University. Prior to my role here, I have worked as an English Tutor for around 10 years, on university foundation courses at Birkbeck College, University of London, and at Brighton University, as well as on a pre-sessional course at Loughborough University. My career before teaching academic English includes several years teaching English as a foreign language while living abroad in the Czech Republic, Spain and Poland.

As a teacher, I try to maintain energy and interest in the classroom and encourage debate, questioning and intellectual curiosity, aiming to bring out my students’ natural intelligence and help them to develop confidence as communicators in an academic setting. My approach varies according to the specific needs of an individual student, but I believe that by understanding ideas well and trying to express these as clearly as possible in writing or speaking, students are able to develop the skills they need the succeed at university. To this end, I like to use materials which are engaging and stimulate thought.

Outside of work, my own interests vary from physical hobbies, such as cycle touring and carpentry, to intellectual interests, particularly in history, politics and philosophy.


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