Find everything you need to know about applying to study with us here at Solent University Centres.

Application Hub

Find everything you need to know about applying to study with us here at
Solent University Centres.

Your Journey Starts Here

Welcome to our Application Hub, which is designed to support you through applying to study with us here at Solent University Centres.

You can apply online to study one of our undergraduate degrees in London, Birmingham and Manchester and below is a handy step-by-step guide for what to expect at every stage of the journey.

Application Guide

Now you’ve decided on the right course and location for you, it’s time to begin your application.

You can apply online to study one of our undergraduate degrees in London, Birmingham and Manchester and below is a handy step-by-step guide for what to expect at every stage of the journey.


On the course page, click the Apply online link for your chosen course / start date / study location. Click here to view all courses.

For all of our programmes you will need to apply via our online portal. You’ll be taken to the portal where you’ll need to create a login for your application. Please ensure you create memorable login details.

Please make sure you complete all the steps and submit copies of the documents requested* like: passport, qualifications etc. Work through each section on the online form. If you need to find copies of any documents, you can save your application and return to it later, just remember to use the login details you created in step 2. *You may upload as many documents as you like, as long as each one is under 1.5mb in size. Acceptable document types are; Doc, Docx, PDF, JPEG.

Please ensure all documents are clearly labelled. Failure to provide full documentation may mean we are unable to return a decision to you without asking for further documents.

You’ll have a chance to review your application before finally submitting, make sure all of your supporting documents are attached.

Submit your application through the online portal

Your application will be reviewed and our Admissions Team will confirm the next steps via email to the address provided on your submitted application.

Assessment FAQ

It’s great you’ve chosen to study with us and have reached your assessment stage.

You will receive an email to confirm what type of assessment you will be required to complete. This may include an English Language assessment and/or a Maths assessment.

All applicants are required to undertake an Academic or Admissions interview depending on your course. You will be informed about which interview you will have.


A member of Faculty (Lecturer), will complete your academic interview. This will include questions about your education and academic background. They will also discuss your skills and experience learnt through employment and work experience.

Applicants wishing to join the course via the non-standard route OR for applicants who have been out of studies for longer than five years will also have an academic interview to discuss work experience and employment history.

The interview will take up to 45 minutes and you will be able to ask any questions you may have about the course.

An Admissions interview is completed by our friendly Admissions team and is an opportunity for you to tell us why you would like to study with us. Please be prepared to answer questions about your CV/Personal Statement and work experience.

Your assessments are usually issued within 7 days’ notice. This depends on the start date deadline for your course.

You may be able to reschedule your assessment. To do so, you must provide a good and valid reason for doing so. Please be aware you are only able to reschedule your assessment once.

Due to current health and safety measures, assessments are completed online via Skype. You will need to use a PC laptop or desktop to share your screen and have your webcam open at the same time. Chromebook and Apple Macs do not allow this, so you must have access to another PC laptop or desktop.

Mobile phones are prohibited from being used during an assessment

Please allow three hours for the whole assessment process. Your Admissions interview may last approximately 30 minutes, the English Language assessment 45 minutes and the Math assessment 30 minutes

You will receive a booking confirmation with sample questions to familiarise yourself with the format. The English Language assessment will evaluate your writing ability. You will be given a choice of two questions to answer. You will then be required to write your response and speak about what you’ve written.

The Maths assessment consists of fifteen multiple choice answers

Depending on your course you will need a minimum 55% or 60% in English and 8/15 Maths (Year 1 Level)

Depending on your circumstance, you may be able to retake your assessments after two weeks by contacting

If you successfully pass your assessments, you will move to the next step – which is an unconditional offer – providing you have met any other conditions outlined in your offer letter.

Interview Top Tips

Your Academic or Admissions interview is an opportunity for you to let us know your motivations for choosing to study your course with us.

Here are our top tips to help you succeed at your interview.


Click on the boxes below to learn more.



Know of the course you’re applying for. It may sound straightforward, but have a look at your course page and familiarise yourself with the example modules and course content.
View course


Read over your application and personal statement so you can remember what you’ve told us about yourself, as we will refer back to this.


Read over your CV, and think about how your chosen course can impact your future work experience. Also, think about how your previous work experience has influenced your choice to study with us.


Be ready for your interview early, so you are calm, well presented and prepared.


Have any additional documents to hand if they have been requested.


It’s also a chance for you to ask us questions too, so have a few written down if necessary.


Familiarise yourself with your chosen campus location to know more about where you’ll be studying.
View campuses


Try practising with a friend how you would answer some common questions. For example: 'Why do you want to go to this university?', and 'Why do you want to study this course?'.


Keep calm - relax. There are no trick questions! We just want to know why you think your chosen course is for you.

Your Offer

You’ve completed your application to study with us and have received an offer. Read below to find out more about what your offer means. You will either be given a ‘Conditional’ or ‘Unconditional’ offer letter depending on your application and course

Conditional Offer

A Conditional Offer means that you have been given a place on your chosen course, subject to meeting further requirements.

Examples of requirements may include: 

  • Completing an academic/admissions interview
  • Meeting English language and/or Maths requirements
  • Providing academic or work references

Unconditional Offer

Once you meet all your requirements, you will receive an unconditional offer and we’ll look forward to having you join us here at Solent University Centres.



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