Tuition fees loans and student finance

Finance is a key consideration for any student looking forward to studying at University. This page will give you some key information and useful tips ahead of you commencing your studies with us. 

Tuition fees vary by course, but as a guideline, for the year 2023/24 tuition fee costs for undergraduate programmes are £9,250 per academic year for UK/Home students. 

For further information on tuition fees, please visit our Dates and fees page

Student finance

If you’re an undergraduate student from the UK, you may be able to receive financial support from the Government to help fund your studies.

The Government currently offers two types of loans that cover:

  • Tuition fees (paid directly to the university)
  • Living costs (paid directly to your bank and often called a maintenance loan)

Both loans will need to be repaid after your studies, however generally you won’t have to start paying anything back until the April after you have finished your course once you are employed and earning above a specific amount. For more information on when you’ll start repaying, please refer to your student finance repayment plan. Any loan remaining for students from England after 40 years will be written off. Other UK countries such as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have different thresholds around repayment.

How to apply
If you would like to find out more information about Student Finance loans and how to apply, please refer to the following:

Additional costs 

In addition to the tuition fees, you should be prepared to buy some of the course texts which are around £30 each. This would average around £200 per annum. 

Living costs

It’s important that you are aware of your everyday costs as a student and how these differ from city to city.  

Your day to day costs cover everything from accommodation and utility bills to entertainment and food costs. 

As a rough guide, you can expect the following monthly costs in each of the city locations in which we offer courses: 

London  Birmingham  Manchester
£12,006 (or £1,334 per month x 9 months)   £9,207 (or £1,023 per month x 9 months) £9,207 (or £1,023 per month x 9 months)

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