The Student Relations team are based on-campus in London, Manchester and Birmingham. The team and its voluntary Student Ambassadors work to engage with students and assist the running of student-centred events across campus.

The team runs Freshers week, social events, hosts competitions, cultural events and activities.

The team also recruits Student Ambassadors to help run events, working with various departments and representing the University. Ambassadors ensure that a range of activities run at each campus and that clubs and societies are supported.

You can stay up-to-date with the on campus activity in the weekly newsletter, or contact Student Relations via email at


Freshers week (also known as Student Welcome or Discovery Week) takes place in the first semester at the beginning of your course.

You can expect to be invited to on-site events, where you are able to meet our student support teams. These include:

  • Welfare
  • Learning support
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Library services
  • The Academic Community of Excellence (ACE)
  • Student Futures and Careers

You will also hear about activities from our student relationships teams, other external organisations as well as being able to meet other students.

Following Freshers Week, our Orientation Week takes place. This is a series of open online sessions available to all, with the opportunity for more informative sessions and Q&A’s.

Throughout your enrolment you will receive a weekly Student Relations newsletter, covering upcoming topics, events and activities. There are also noticeboards on every floor on campus, with details of upcoming events.

As a student you are eligible to sign up to various student discount platforms, allowing you to get discount across a wide variety of retailers.

  • Totum Card (NUS) – a paid card that is valid for 3 years, find out more here.
  • UniDays – register with your university email address for a range of discounts. Find out more here.
  • Student Beans – register with your university email address to access discounts. Find out more here.

For more student discount information take a look at the Student Welfare Financial Guide.

The Student Inspiration Awards take place twice a year, and are an initiative that celebrates the actions of students during the year, that uplift and positively contribute to the QA Higher Education student community. Whether on a personal level, individual interactions, or actions for the wider community.

The Categories

Overcoming Barriers

This award is applicable to any students who have shown determination and resilience to combat any adversity that they may have been facing during their studies. This can relate to Academic challenges, or personal difficulties that they have shown a willingness to overcome.

  • Passing an Academic year despite significant challenges
  • Managing 100% attendance despite suffering with physical issues
  • Working hard on assignments that you are finding challenging by seeking support from the ACE team
  • Taking an Interruption of Studies to focus on personal circumstances, and then returning to your studies and completing all your modules

Showing Kindness & Empathy

This award is applicable to any students who go above and beyond to support others. This can be through making time to listen to the concerns of others, showing an understanding of their struggles, and supporting them through challenging times.

  • Offering support to a colleague in distress on campus
  • Making a referral to the Welfare team to ensure that a colleague gets the support they need
  • Tell a colleague of your gratitude for their support

Promoting Inclusion & Equality

This award is applicable to any students who demonstrate a willingness to embrace the differences amongst individuals and provide opportunities for them to express themselves and flourish during their studies.

  • Supporting a colleague in class who feels isolated
  • Raising awareness of diversity through engagement with Welfare and Student Relations events
  • Celebrate and support religious holidays for people from other cultures
  • Seek to obtain a better understanding of other people’s culture and faith


This award is applicable to any students who have inspired others with their effort and application. This can apply to a wide range of contexts including Academic study, or to help cultivate a sense of community within the classroom, and everything in between.

  • Taking on additional projects during your study to enhance your understanding and education
  • Working to create a sense of community amongst students
  • Completing work experience to compliment and supplement the learning from your modules
  • Engaging with clubs, societies and events hosted by our Student Relations team

Nominate your peers

Nomination deadline: 12th April 2024

QAHE students, and staff can nominate inspiring students using this nomination form.