Isabella Smaranda
BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year


Can you share the moment that made you want to study your degree at Solent University Centres?

I was working in Amazon for three or four years and I was talking with one of my colleagues. She said she was studying at Solent University and had a friend who could help me get through the university application. I had time to think about it and because I have a business idea, I said ‘yes, this is the time’.

What are your career ambitions after you complete your course?

I’m a painter of clothes and canvases and I would like to transform that into my own business, to sell and inspire people, but also take the knowledge that I’ve learned from the university and all the tips that I’ve gained. This will help me a lot in my future career as I will be able to manage the business.

What is it about your subject that you enjoy the most?

I think all of the modules are very interesting, but the one that captured my attention was business finance. I had to build a project from zero as a business and I was so excited.

Do you have any advice for students who want to study with us?

I’d encourage them to take this as an opportunity to learn and grow, because even if you think that some modules aren’t aligned with your future career it will definitely grow your mindset, help you build strong relationships and also business ideas.

How have you made yourself proud during your academic journey?

I’m proud of the fact I decided to study at Solent University Centres in Manchester and I’m proud of every year that I’ve passed, because that’s made me realise why I applied and how it will help me in my future career.

Who has been influential in your academic journey?

I’ve received support and all the information that I needed from every tutor that I’ve had. All their explanations were given at the right time, and they are so polite.

What is your favourite thing about Manchester as a place to study?

You have a lot of food options and places to explore within Manchester City and also within the campus.

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