Cristian Goga
BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year


Can you share the moment that made you want to study this degree?

I started to study because covid came and my job as a delivery driver had been quiet. I thought that was a perfect time to start making some changes in my life. This was the moment.

What influenced you to study at Solent University Centres?

I found a Facebook advert and there was something about blended learning which made me think to go, because it’s only one day on campus and one day online.

What has made you proud during your academic journey?

I am probably most proud of the feedback I received from one of my tutors in the module for business finance. His feedback made me feel excited, carry on with my studies and focus more on learning.

What are your career ambitions after you complete your course?

I would probably love to be a manager in a logistics area. I’d try to implement all my learning and all my experience with all the teachers. I’ve worked in different places and seen different types of leadership. I said to myself that maybe one day I can be a good manager and try to make people stay and not move to different jobs.

Do you have any advice for students who are thinking of coming to study here?

I suggest everyone should join Solent University, because of the blended learning which means you can stay at home one day and then go on the campus and interact with teachers the next. Teachers offer you loads of help and The ACE team are always on campus, so there’s a lot of support.

What is your favourite thing about Manchester as a place to study?

Manchester campus is located in a very nice area, so you are close to loads of places to eat, drink, have a coffee and walk. It’s close to the town centre so it’s very well situated.

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