Adrien Csernai
BSc (Hons) International Travel and Tourism Management


Can you share the moment that made you want to study your degree?

I did some research about Solent and I saw some foreign students who finished their education, talking openly about their experience as non-native speakers and how they achieved it. That gave me some courage to press the button and send the application.

What did you enjoy about your subject?

The course was a little bit like a democracy, you can learn what you want, and you can research something deeply if it is close to you, so I didn’t mind my dissertation.  My topic was ‘pink tourism’ in Spain, and I really enjoyed doing primary research to deeply analyse customer behaviour and their motivations, such as what motivated them to go there and experience that tourism or that sector.

Who has been influential in your academic journey?

On the first day I arrived at Solent, I felt that welcoming atmosphere. I got here and the Ace Team were there to help. With the first few assignments I booked an appointment, they checked my grammar and chatted through everything to guide me step by step. By the end of the third year, I was confident to do everything on my own and I really enjoyed being independent afterwards.

Do you have any plans for the future?

I would like to continue my education and stay with QA, so fingers crossed! I must admit, I can also see myself in a private boat on the Adriatic Sea, entertaining people and making them nice memories.

What’s been the best part of your experience so far?

I’m so proud of myself because as a foreigner, 10 years ago I came to the United Kingdom with zero English knowledge and after ten years I’m holding my bachelor’s degree. This is a really big achievement, and I would say this is my biggest achievement in my whole life. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was really hard, but I’m proud to say I’ve done it and I’m so happy now.

Share your advice for students who are thinking of coming to study here

My message to everyone who is starting their journey is you have to believe in yourself, even if this journey won’t be easy. We have to follow our dreams and I really recommend to everyone who wants to study to come to Solent University. The positive experiences I got are going to help me in my future career and to achieve my goals and they will for you too in the future.

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