Nan Ni
International Foundation Programme - Creative Pathway

How does the UK vary from your home country?

The UK is much friendlier than China. The people in China seldom help strangers and children are told do not talk to strangers.

What is the best thing you have discovered about the UK?

The style of housing in the UK is totally different and like a fairy tale with large areas of parks and forests – like a magic world on rainy days with the fog and now I know why Harry Potter is here!

Where is your favourite place to socialise in Southampton?

The Spark Building and the basketball court.

How easy is it to commute to other cities?

It’s very easy to get around by train, to cities like London.

Do you think you will stay in the UK once your studies are complete?

At the moment I am not sure, once I have finished my studies I will decide.

Would you recommend studying in the UK to potential students?

Yes I would!

What advice would you give to students who wish to move to the UK?

Watch the weather forecast frequently!

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