Destiny Sunday Ayo
International Foundation Programme - STEM Pathway

What did you do to prepare for life in the UK?

I did a lot of research on the internet, blogs and YouTube to find out what studying here would be like. As well as the rules, what to expect as a student and how to pay things like rent etc.

How has your International Foundation Programme helped you prepare for your Undergraduate degree?

It has helped me understand the basics and what to expect. My Pathway has introduced me to what code programming will look like.

How was your application journey?

It was not stressful at all. I had an agent to help me.

Why did you decide to study with us?

The good reviews I found on the internet and the multiple awards the university has achieved. The course also had modules I wanted to study.

Did you use an agency to apply? If yes, why?

Yes, to make everything easy.

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