The Academic Help Hub provides individual programme support in one place from expert academics. The Hub is managed by our academic advisors from one email address with a single point of contact, making it quick and simple for students to get the support they need, when they need it. We want all our students to feel confident that they have the help they need, and if they’re not sure where to turn or what is available to them, they can contact their Academic Help Hub and know that there is an expert there to guide them.

Our Academic Help Hub Experts are on hand to:

  • Direct students to other appropriate teams for support
  • Provide personalised tutoring tailored to students’ needs
  • Respond to any queries students may have about their studies

How the Academic Help Hubs can help

We know studying can bring a variety of challenges which is why we want to make life easier for our students by giving them access to the support they need from one place. Students come to us with a wide range of queries – there really are no silly questions! The support we can offer will help to ensure that your time with us as a student goes as smoothly as possible.

We work closely with other student support teams who can offer you specialised advice and support such as:

  • The ACE team
  • Student Welfare
  • Finance
  • Student Services
  • Student Futures and Careers Service

Accessing the Academic Help Hubs

Students can find the email address for their Hub on the Student Portal, or look out for posters and flyers on campus.