We understand that many applicants and enquirers have questions about how the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation may affect plans to study in the UK We hope that this page helps to reassure those who are yet to join us. We will be updating this page regularly should there be changes to the situation and government guidance.

For general information, visit here

My course is due to start in October, will this still be happening?

Yes our October intake is going ahead as planned with all scheduled pathway courses running. However, there may be slight changes to the start dates if additional travel time is required for you to arrive here in the UK, in which case we will communicate this information to you. Please be assured we are continually reviewing the situation and the impacts that Covid-19 may have on your learning and arrival plans. We will advise you if we make any changes so that you can prepare and be ready to begin your studies with us to enable to you to progress to Solent University.

Will I be able to complete my studies?

Yes, you will follow a learning plan that allows you to complete your programme in the academic year as intended.  This will be delivered online as necessary.

How should I stay up to date with information?

Please continue to monitor these pages on our website for up to date information and be assured we will be contacting you individually so that you know your own specific arrangements.

Can I request a deferral to a later intake?

Yes. We are happy to defer you to a later intake to meet your own personal circumstances. We recognise that there is significant uncertainty with Covid-19 and are keen to support our applicants accordingly.

You will be given a range of options including starting in January 2021* if this better meets your personal circumstances.

*Subject to the course being available in this intake.

What measures are being put in place on campus to protect staff and students?

A wide range of changes are being made on campus by the University to ensure the health and wellbeing of all students and staff. These include introducing social distancing measures across campus and running enhanced cleaning programmes throughout the university buildings. You can find out more about the latest steps being taken on-campus by checking the ‘What to expect on returning to campus’ section here. This also includes the latest guidance regarding face coverings on campus.

If my course starts online, can I start from my home country?

Yes.  There is full information below on what you should expect when studying online, what you will need and how we will ensure you can study from your time zone.

Is there an option for me to study my full programme online?

Yes, you will follow a learning plan that allows you to complete your programme in the academic year as intended.

If I’m studying online for part of my course, what should I expect?

All learning and teaching on our Pathway Programmes takes place in small group sessions with direction and academic support from an experienced English Academic tutor.  This approach and focus on individually learning and development continues online, with the opportunity to attend breakout session to discuss new knowledge and concepts, meet with your tutor during 1-2-1 sessions and informal café style groups to socialise with similar like-minded international students.

In fact, studying online offers much more options.  For example, as well as attending the live session you can watch it again to pick up the points you missed the first time.  Setting up a meeting with your tutor or classmates to work on a shared project can be much more flexible too.

So, our approach to online learning goes beyond just providing you with material online or via the university’s virtual learning environment and e-library.

Our Learning system additionally allows you to log into a virtual PC which provides all the software you would have if you were sitting at a PC on campus. There will also be directed reading via our online library and use of video and podcast.

You will be provided with a timetable for your online learning and induction to your programme and how to learn effectively online as part of induction.

What IT hardware/software will I need to be able to study online?

The equipment that you need will be no different to that you need for your university studies when you come to the UK.  This should include:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Wi-Fi/broadband
  • Access to Word, Excel or other desktop functionality
  • The university you join will have its own virtual learning environment (VLE), here you will find all your materials and any special software

You will be given access to the University’s resources via internet.  As such you should have access to a computer (desktop/laptop) that is less than 5 years old alongside speakers/headphones/earbuds for listening to audio or videos presented and a webcam.   Our online sessions can be accessed via smart phone, but it is recommended that you have access to a tablet/laptop or a PC for ease of use and completing assessments.

You will also need access to a stable internet connection.  As a registered student, you will be able to access Office 365 via Microsoft’s arrangements for students.

If I’m starting online, what about time zones?

The timetable will be organised around core hours of delivery, approximately 3 to 4 hours a day so that groups of students can continue to attend whole group classes, so depending on where you live your core hours could look something like the below.

Approximate difference
GMT Asia (+7) Middle East (+3)  Latin America (-4)
9am  – 12noon 4pm – 7pm 12 noon – 3pm n/a
1pm – 4pm n/a 4pm – 7pm 9am – 12 noon

In addition to the core hours there are approximately 4-6 hours per week of tutorials and small group sessions, these will be arranged to meet your time zone. So, for example, those of you coming from Asia (which is ahead of the UK), it might be in advance of your core learning at 3-4pm (8am UK time).

If my course is delivered partially online, will my fee change?

No. It is likely some of your study will be online due to restrictions on being able to open our campuses at this time. As outlined in the previous question, we are providing an extensive online course option which is designed to mirror your experience in the classroom as closely as possible, including live lectures and access to all the same support services you would normally receive.

If I pay my deposit and am unable to attend, will it be refunded?

Yes. Our standard deposit refund policy which can be found on the Terms and Conditions of your Offer continues to apply and we will of course refund your deposit in those scenarios.

In addition, if you are adversely affected by Covid-19, which impacts your ability to meet the conditions of your offer or your entry to the UK due to travel restrictions, we will also refund your deposit and discuss possible deferral options with you.

As an International applicant where can I find up to date advice on studying and living in the UK?

UKCISA has a range of information and advice for International Applicants and Students, including a COVID-19 FAQ section which is regularly updated

I’ve got a conditional offer with just English as my outstanding condition and am struggling to book an English Language Test – can you help?

We are aware that many applicants are unable to book tests. Solent University accepts a wide variety of English tests and exemptions that may offer an alternative, including the QA Higher Education English test.

If you have specific questions about evidencing your English language, please contact us directly and we can discuss your options with you.

You can also find Covid-19 updates through the following links:

How can I find accommodation – can you help me?

Yes. Our accommodation support team will be happy to help.

You can find much more information on the QA Higher Education website here.

If you would like to speak to someone, please contact QAHE.accommodation@qa.com or +44(0)203 6276101.

I’d like to stay in university accommodation – is that possible?

Yes, due to the current challenges with travel, we are aware that you may prefer a choice of more flexible accommodation options.

The University is making a range of options available in University halls of residence. You will be able to take up any of these options, even if you have already been offered, or accepted a standard accommodation contract for the start of your course.

  • Standard accommodation contract, which runs for the full academic year (41 weeks, from 16 September 2020 to 1 July 2021).
  • January start, which runs from early January to 1 July 2021.
  • Semester 1, which runs from 16 September 2020 to mid-January 2021.
  • Semester 2, which runs from mid-January to end-May 2021.

In addition to these options, the University will shortly be making available a flexible ‘short-stay’ option to allow for accommodation stays between 7 and 28 days. This option will be available to book online, subject to availability.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how any of these above options could work for you, please contact accommodation@solent.ac.uk

Have you changed any part of your acceptance criteria?

We will maintain our acceptance criteria and due to our joint CAS options we have increased the amount of English Language tests we can accept for Pathways courses. These include WAEC, Indian Standard XII, and the QA English Language test.

For more information please contact us directly on +44(0)20 3627 3504

Will listed scholarships, bursaries and funding opportunities still be available?

Yes.  We are flexible with fees and are happy to discuss your individual requirements if your fees are a concern.

Please contact us directly on +44(0)20 3627 3504

O Level exams have been cancelled in my country what other qualification would you accept in their place?

If your Year 12 or O level exams have been cancelled, we are able to consider Year 11 grades or your predicted grades on a case by case basis. Please contact us directly on +44(0)20 3627 3504

I’m a sponsored students, what if I can’t provide a sponsorship letter by the deadline?

If you are not able to provide a financial guarantee letter confirming your sponsorship by the deadline, you can defer your offer to the next available intake or decide to continue by paying your minimum deposit.

Can I reserve my place?

Yes, and for some courses with limited spaces we recommend that you do. You can reserve your space by paying the full deposit of £5500 for the course or pay a place holder fee of £500. You will need to pay the full deposit and meet the financial requirements for your CAS to be issued.

I’m travelling from outsitde of the UK, will I need to self-isolate?

From 8 June 2020, there are new rules in place for entering the UK due to Covid-19. The rules are for both residents and visitors to the UK and include 14-days’ self-isolation on arrival. During those two weeks you will not be able to attend classes. You should take this into account when planning your journey to the UK. Further details, together with guidance on how to travel safely from the airport, are available here.

If you are travelling to the UK to join us, please complete QA Higher Education’s online form with your travel information. This will allow the team at QA Higher Education to know when you are arriving and gives us the opportunity to provide any additional advice, guidance and support before and upon your arrival to the UK. This is particularly important should you be arriving from a country where you may need to self-isolate on arrival in the UK.