Malak Labrini
International Foundation Programme - Creative Pathway

How does the UK vary from your home country?

The UK and my home country are very different especially in the education systems. In the UK it is clear and organised and professors help you whilst in my home country it is the opposite.

What is the best thing you have discovered about he UK?

The people are nice and helpful and the streets are clean.

Where is your favourite place to socialise in Southampton?

On campus at the university.

Have you found that there are many students from your home country?

Yes, I have met lots of students from my home country.

How easy is it to commute to other cities?

It’s very easy, by train or bus.

Have you had the opportunity to travel around the UK during your studies?

Yes I went on a day trip to London with my course.

Would you recommend studying in the UK to potential students?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it.

What advice would you give to students who wish to move to the UK?

Be prepared and don’t be scared!

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